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Starting line

Welcome to Run With Dan. Not only is it the name of this site, but it’s also what I hope you’ll consider doing. Why? Because I believe with my help you can look forward to better results in running, racing – maybe even your life.

As an experienced runner at distances from 5k to ultra marathons, I know what it takes – the time, dedication and sacrifices – to reach the start line, let alone perform at your best. I also know what it’s like to waste time and money on a rubbish coach. That’s why I took the decision to start Run With Dan.

I want to give expert advice to help anyone – beginner or accomplished runner alike – over any distance or terrain. I also want to make running coaching accessible to as many as possible. It shouldn’t just be a luxury only few can afford, so my prices are competitive.

Coaching details

I currently offer three coaching packages, which start at just £35.00 per month. They all include:

  • A pre-training call
  • Custom and regularly updated plans
  • Regular support via text, email and video calls
  • 14-day money back guarantee

This blog

In terms of this, the blog section, I will be posting content to help you get the best out of your running and your mindset. This will include advice on helping you build strength, avoid injury and run more efficiently, to solutions for better nutrition, improving motivation and much more.

So whether you hire me as your coach or just occasionally read this blog, I hope to improve your running in some way. In the meantime, if you’ve any questions, please contact me here.

Happy running!


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