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If you’re a runner, you know that injury is a part of the sport. In fact, according to the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, nearly 50 percent of runners are injured every year. So the next time you’re on the starting line of a race, look around, because half of you will have been injured recently. That’s of course if you make it to race day.

Missing a race because of injury is frustrating, and then there’s the financial side of it. With entry fees increasing and organisers refusing refunds, losing a chunk of money through no fault of your own can be difficult to digest.

Which is why I recommend that if you’re a Strava premium member, you enable the Sundays Insurance perk as soon as possible.

Who are Sundays Insurance?

Sundays Insurance is a UK-based company that offers insurance for cyclists and runners. As a Strava subscriber, you can get up to £75 back on your race entry fee if you’re unable to race due to injury or illness.

How to enable Sundays Insurance

Just head to the Strava perks section. Locate the Sundays Insurance (like below) and then click on the link to activate it. You won’t find the Strava perks on the mobile app, so head to the desktop version instead.

Location of the Sundays Insurance perk on Strava
You can only enable Sundays Insurance on the Strava website

What’s the catch?

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to Sundays Insurance. First, you can only make one entry fee claim per year. Second, you need to manually renew your policy every year. And third, it’s only available to Strava users in the US, UK and Australia.

This article by DC Rainmaker from 2017 is also worth reading. There’s a few quirky terms and conditions, although these are on the cycling side of things.

How I’ve used Sundays Insurance

I’ve used Sundays Insurance twice in the past few years to get refunds on my race entries.

In 2019, I pulled out of the Frankfurt Marathon through injury. They replied to my claim within a few days and asked for proof of my race entry along with a letter from a doctor or physio. I sent both documents and received £75 about a week later.

I was also due to run the Chiltern Wonderland 50 this year, but became ill a weeks before. So I claimed the entry fee again, sent what was required and everything was settled several days later.


Both refunds helped with the disappointment of being unable to race. So if you’re a runner with a Strava subscription, I recommend you sign up to Sundays Insurance as soon as possible. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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