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As trail and ultra running continue to soar in popularity, so too has the number of podcasts about them. Below are some of my favourite shows that entertain, inform, and inspire me.


Dylan Bowman’s podcast has had a bit of an identity crisis, but one thing that has remained constant is its high quality.

The Freetrail podcast is engaging and this stems from Bowman’s infectious enthusiasm for the sport. Every week he brings out the best from his guests, covering racing, training, and the industry itself. It’s a real must-listen.

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Science of Ultra

Embarrassingly, I only discovered the Science of Ultra podcast recently, just as it was winding up. Host Shawn Bearden called time on the show in September 2021, leaving behind a gold mine of advice and information.

There’s over 150 episodes to choose from and they’re conveniently broken down by subject on the Science of Ultra website. A couple of favourites are episodes 136 (Mileage Matters Most) and 140 (How Much), which provide some reassuring rules of thumb.

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Trail Runner Nation

With over 600 episodes, Trail Runner Nation has been providing expert knowledge to the trail and ultra running community for more than a decade.

Part of its appeal is the self-deprecating hosts who aren’t obsessed with themselves and allow their guests to shine. They talk to some of the best athletes, coaches and nutritionists, who give opinions and insights you can use no matter the distance.

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Trail Society

Hosted by three top trail runners – Keely Henninger, Corrine Malcolm, and Hillary Allen – Trail Society offers a different perspective in a male-dominated sport.

The trio use their experience as athletes and scientists to foster community and discussion around challenging topics in the world of trail running, racing and equality. It’s a much-needed podcast and a regular eye-opener.

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Jason Koop is one of the most revered running coaches and his podcast is a reliable and unbiased source for all things long distance.

Koopcast covers many aspects, with knowledge from experts and the latest research, helping you train smarter and make the most of your workouts.

Regular topics include strength training, effective, evidence-based mental skills, and nutrition and hydration strategies. Everyone, from beginners to experienced athletes, will benefit from listening to it.

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