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The ballot results for the 2023 London Marathon were announced earlier this week. If you were among the 457,000 who tried to secure one of the 17,000 places, then you’re probably disappointed at being rejected.

A sure-fire way to the start line is to do the race for charity. The London Marathon is the biggest fundraising event in the world with thousands of charities represented, so there’s plenty of options. Find a charity you’re aligned to, sign up, then go run 26.2 miles.

If only it was that easy!

Committing to and raising the minimum sponsorship is stressful enough, but then there’s the pressure of understanding how to train for the race as well. New runners might be tempted to follow one of the many generic cookie-cutter plans online. However, be warned! These plans are not tailored for you. They don’t factor in your fitness levels, your life commitments, and they won’t adapt if the worse happens and you get injured.

That’s why hiring a running coach is a no-brainer. Let me make your London Marathon training easier and more fun.

10% off for charity runners

Anyone who’s running the London Marathon can get a 10% discount off all the coaching packages listed here.

To apply, simply contact me and share a link to your online sponsorship page. I’ll then send you a promo code, which you can use during checkout. Oh, and don’t forget all coaching packages come with a 14-day free trial!

Couch-to-marathon? Start now!

There’s about six months to go until the 2023 London Marathon (23rd April). That’s enough time to go from couch to marathon finisher, especially if you want to run strong and injury-free.

As a new runner, I’ll start you off with short distances using the run-walk method, allowing you to safely improve your fitness. Then, over the weeks and months, I’ll gradually increase your distance and pace. This’ll help build the endurance and mental toughness to run such a long distance.

Running a marathon takes time and dedication, but with my guidance and motivation, you can do it! Contact me or leave a comment below if you need any tips or advice.

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